Friday, August 9, 2019

Deep Relaxation with Sacred Tibetan Bowls

Deep Relaxation … that is what one of the many experiences my clients have with my extraordinary Sacred Bowls.  These Tibetan Bowls were lovingly crafted in the 18th Century by dedicated monks.  They have been used in reverence throughout the centuries, and I am most honored to be able to share them in my work.

One client remarked how much love she felt pouring into her heart from these Sacred Bowls and with tears running down her face and her heart opening, she sent love back.  These monks were Masters who were deeply dedicated to spreading the energy of pure love, and crafted these Harmonic Healers (as I like to call the Bowls) with this conscious intention.

With each session, I work with my clients to discern their unique intention that anchors the harmonics into their body and into their energy field.  They then receive what they most need, and each experience specifically supports their growth work or goals that they are working on.

Some people feel a washing away of mental clutter while others feel their physical pain lighten or leave altogether.   Many clients have had spiritually transcendent experiences and these Harmonic vibrations have strengthened their spiritual practices between sessions.

Peace, clarity and “ahhhhh…..” are common reactions during the session, followed by sleeping better, more patience and a greater ease in their daily life.  The monks imbued their peacekeeping energy into these Sacred Bowls, and as these oscillating sound waves weave through you, emotional entanglements that had previously held you hostage are liberated into proper perspective.

One woman shared that the Sacred Bowls “really give my body a chance to dance in a new way,” while one gentleman said, “it’s total immersion in my own personal sacred chamber of energy, and now I have a sense of my own personal energy body like never before.”

Each Sacred Bowl has its own “Spirit” and collectively they are a full symphony of Harmonic Healing.  Together, the Bowls and I create a safe space so that our clients are free to be who they are and re-anchor back into their Essential Nature.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a Sacred Sound Session, I can be reached at:
949-525-0243 cell

Thursday, March 28, 2019

My Services

1.  Biofield Tuning, Certified Practitioner - Tuning Forks

2.  Specialized Sound Healing - Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls

3.  Understanding Your Body through Sacred Sound - Personalized Programs

4.  Guided Imagery, Certified Therapist 

I use Sacred Sound Therapy and 
Guided Imagery 
to alleviate stress and strengthen your energy body.

Your energy body and your nervous system are the critical foundation that everything else derives from...that is, your thoughts, emotions and actions all source from this foundation.

By calming and strengthening this foundation, you can then solve your problems easier,
see things more clearly and
spark the motivation that you need.

Use my services and unique sound techniques to improve your:

Health - experience deep relaxation and restoration so your body is strong and energized.

Love Life - learn how to honor your feelings...because feelings buried alive never die and confuse your heart.

Career - see how the little picture connects with big picture so you can chart your course.

Relationship with Money - words have creative power...use your thought energy to release your resistance and thrive.

Spiritual Experiences - experience your sacred energy body, tune into your Essential Nature and know yourself in a whole new way.

Relationships with Family and Friends - know your boundaries and separate you from them so you can use your energy effectively.

and of course,

Your Relationship with Yourself - get you right with you, rediscover your natural state of well-being and ease and let go of who you are you can live the life of YOUR dreams.

My Sacred Sound techniques and specific sound protocols are designed to "connect the dots" so you can better align your "4 bodies": physical, emotional, mental and energetic.

My Sacred Sound services:

Biofield Tuning
Specialized Sound Healing
Biofield Tuning and Specialized Sound Healing are offered as separate services or can be combined in a session for an extraordinary depth and breadth.

All sessions include Guided Imagery which my clients have been enjoying for over 20 years.

I also offer Personalized Programs for understanding your body, your health and your life through Sacred Sound.

The Personalized Protocols include:

30-Day Focus            -  something has just come up and you need clarity, focus and shift.

3 Month Redirect    -  something is continuing that needs attention and you want to move beyond it.

6 Month Intensive   -  something has been in play for a long time and you want more fulfillment.

12 Month In-Depth -  something has been in play for most of your life & is no longer acceptable

All services are offered in 1 hour and 1.5 hour sessions.

The Personalized Programs protocols are also offered in 2 - 4 hour blocks.

All sessions are offered in person and remotely.  This type of Sound work is particulate effective, sometimes surprisingly so, by working together on the phone, through FaceTime or Skype.

Also, I work with couples, in a "no talking session," which my clients have found to be particularly peaceful and revitalizing.

Please reach out to me with questions and for information on rates.  I am in Southern California and therefore on Pacific Time.

The best hours to reach me by phone are 8:30 am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday and some Saturdays.

Please know that I do book evening and Saturday sessions to accommodate work schedules and my international clients.

I can be reached at 949-525-0243 cell.
Karen (email)

Monday, August 27, 2018

Biofield Tuning - How it Works

Your physical body has an energy field running through it and around it.  Throughout your life, you experience both stress and upset. 

If that stress energy is not completely processed, it lays down patterns in the field.  It becomes tangled and compressed and creates deficiency, congestion and dis-ease. 

The information is in the field as it was experienced, not necessarily as the person has perspective on it.  The pattern and the attached unprocessed emotions stay stuck in the field until they are cleared and restored to full functioning coherent energy.

Biofield Tuning uses tuning forks to “comb” through the energy field and return the displaced tangled stress energy back to the body’s functioning energy core and chakras.  

It is taking the stress energy from where it doesn’t belong, as dissonant stuck energy in the field, and restoring it to full functioning coherent core energy.

Biofield Tuning uses tuning forks in a comprehensive system of sound vibrations to restore coherence, harmony and ease back into your body’s energy field.  

You are programmed for success.  By design, you are intended to be healthy, prosperous and peaceful, and experience full functioning energy.  The body knows this original programming and will receive input from the tuning forks to restore coherence where there is dissonance. 

When you experience 
physical pain, 
tension, stress, 
emotional discomfort 
and unhealthy patterns, 
that is the dissonance 
getting your attention. 

 It is letting you know 
that there is an opportunity 
to create more coherence 
and positively impact 
both your field and your body.

Biofield Tuning is using the physics of sound to interrupt the “stuck heavy” patterns and create well being, better functioning and peace.  

Biofield Tuning combines the science of sound and the ancient wisdom of the body’s biomagnetic energy field to restore coherence and create wellness.

I am a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner and I studied with Eileen McKusick, founder of Biofield Tuning.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a session, I can be reached at:
949-525-0243 cell

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Saturday, April 27, 2019 Event in Laguna Beach

A Harmonic Healing ... A Vacation for your Soul
Come experience deep relaxation & restoration through sound.

I invite you to join us and be guided back to your own Divinity through the Sacred Sound of 17th Century Tibetan Singing Bowls.  These exquisite instruments were lovingly crafted by dedicated monks and have been used in reverence throughout the centuries; and now, I am honored to share them with you through my work.

Come and experience the whole harmonic of your sacred energy body as you relax deeply into a state of ease and inner peace.  Let these healing vibrations release your holiday stress, restore your vibrancy, and feed something that you know needs feeding and can’t quite ever satisfy.

As these oscillating waves weave through you, emotional entanglements that had previously held you hostage are liberated into proper perspective.  Some people feel a washing away of mental clutter while others feel their physical pain lighten or leave altogether.   And often, people simply surrender into spiritually transcendent experiences.  While this is a group event, each person will also get to experience these “harmonic voices” up close and personally.

Each Sacred Bowl has its own “Spirit” and collectively they are a full symphony of A Harmonic Healing.  Together, the Bowls and I create a safe space so that you are free to be who you are and anchor back into your Essential Nature, your Divinity.

Saturday, April 27, 2019 from 10-11 am (bring mat/blanket, pillow)
$35, Limited to 8 people, seats are available if you prefer to sit rather than lie down

In collaboration with Mystic Reiki & Wellness, 949-280-9202, 352 3rd Street, #306, Laguna Beach

Reserve your place at

Experience your Divinity through Tibetan Singing Bowls. 

Deeply relax into your sacred energy energy body.

Be liberated of mental clutter.

Release everyday stress.

Restore your vibrancy.

Lighten physical pain.

Nurture your Soul.

In collaboration with Mystic Reiki & Wellness, 949-280-9202, 352 3rd Street, #306, Laguna Beach
Reserve your place at

Sunday, July 1, 2018


“After reading Eileen's book, I knew I had to try Biotuning. I booked my first session with Karen and really didn't know what to expect, but I can say that I did not expect my very first session to be as profound as it was. 

We started with some combing in the ankle where Karen immediately found a blockage of energy and traced it to an approximate age. I guessed that the blockage was probably due to problems with an ex girlfriend. 

As the words were coming out of my mouth I felt the energy crawl up my body and an involuntary feeling of sadness swept over me. Tears ran from the corners of my eyes and within a few seconds, the emotion passed. 

I experienced in that moment that not only was this Biotuning thing onto something, but that my past was more than just a memory, a piece of data in a file. 

In the following weeks I watched as my difficult circumstances with the women in my dating life completely unfolded and flipped 180 degrees. Those circumstances have since been completely resolved. 

I am now somewhere around 15 sessions with Karen and it is very exciting to feel the energy shift and watch as my being finds it's center and truth. 

Karen is always positive and uplifting and I always look forward to our great conversations. Follow your heart and seek truth and you won't be led astray.”
Ryan R.
"I was excited about the unique Harmonic Healing opportunity but didn't know what to expect. 

Karen introduced me to the ancient, many-hundred year old sound tools and then put me in what felt like my own private sound chamber, bowls hovering over the length of my body. 

An hour passed like a minute but I was transported to another place and time, my place, my time, filled with my sounds. 

Afterwards, I felt like I was in the middle of a two week vacation, completely relaxed and totally at ease, colors look brighter and more vibrant, I left floating and EVERYTHING just felt so good, so right, so connected and the feeling continues to expand. 

I don't understand the science behind this but I'm interested to learn now and I'll be back soon to practice connecting to this original, essential essence. It was an amazing, rich experience."
Jacqueline R.
“Karen is an amazing and gifted sound healer.  Her extraordinary relationship with her ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls set up my Soul to do what it already knows how to do.  

I could feel the changes manifesting at the cellular level, and I was able to let go of the controlling tendencies of mind, ego and erroneous storylines and let my body’s infinite wisdom take charge.  

I was entirely present in my mind, body and Soul, and I experienced sensations all the way into my fingertips and toes.  

I was also able to connect with my family in Spirit which further supported the healing path that I am on.

And after all that, Karen gave me a beautiful take-away that allows me to further integrate the work we began today.  I was so excited before the session, and now I am even more excited to work with her again.  I know I will leave feeling keenly present, focused and calm.”
Sal L.
"I had a peaceful relaxing and insightful experience with Karen.  The sounds created by the bowls and Karen were spectacular.  I left feeling relaxed and on a mission to get to a better me, physically and spiritually.  Thank you Karen!"
Yvette N.

"Karen is exceptional and truly skilled at Biofield Tuning...she taps in and takes you to a whole new level.  I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!  And doing the work remotely with Karen was deeply relaxing and so effective."  
Denise C.

"I had the pleasure of experiencing a chakra balancing session with Karen.  The beautiful sounds the bowls made resonated throughout my body.  I could feel the balancing and harmonizing of my body as the session progressed.  When Karen finished, I felt lighter and more peaceful and definitely more in balance.  Karen and her beautiful bowls were the shift I needed.  I look forward to doing more sessions with Karen."
Michele M.

"I was interested in the Biofield Tuning session and that was my original intent when I began to see Karen a year ago.  Then Karen introduced me to her Tuning Bowls and "wow" what an experience.  

I come from a holistic practice myself which in turn gives me a great opportunity to explore new and old modalities.  For me, the Tuning Bowls really gives the body a chance to dance in a new way.  

The body has an unspoken language, a language with no name but some call it energy.  Either way, this unspoken language gets the opportunity to dance within you, when you have a Tuning Bowl session.  

It's your own unspoken language that gets to dance and sing.  It's not something you can say to another you will experience this or that because it's your expression and there are no two experiences that are the same.  

A very unique opportunity, with a very gifted Practitioner named Karen Awad."
Leslie Hamud, NTP

"Karen is so well suited for her work.  She engages in so much depth: intellectually, emotionally, viscerally...she speaks to the triumph."
Christine E.

"Karen has helped me see the effects of past trauma in my life. She has helped me see where and how I can grow and heal. She has proved to be a very insightful and wise person to talk to." 
Dean M.

“Karen’s Sacred Bowls heal and restore your vibrancy.  It is an exquisite  and compelling experience.  It is so refined.  

The energy body is sacred, and now I have a sense of my own personal energy body like never before.  It’s total immersion in your own personal sacred chamber of energy - with oscillating waves weaving through you.

In ancient times, the ringing of the bowls would be sacred.  As Karen plays her Sacred Bowls for you, it is like that and it beckons to a part of you beyond the everyday noise.

It’s rare you get to experience your energy body like that.  It’s on a whole other plane. Her Sacred Bowls feed something that you know needs feeding and can’t quite ever satisfy.”
Peter L., Hellerwork & Structural Integration

"I had a beautiful, strong and focused healing with Karen.  I loved the tuning forks - they were very powerful.  

She has her own unique toning abilities that when coupled with the tuning forks catch the current of energy that goes directly into your being and connects with the 
issues.  She is able to focus on the issue and escorts it out for the ultimate healing experience.  
Karen has beautiful, loving energy and I am recommending her to all my family and friends."
Marjory B.


"Human energy is real..After my session with Karen, my personal questions on the validity of this topic brought me to this conclusion.  The experience opened up my curiosity in learning more about the different modalities that facilitate it.

Aside from my session, Karen herself is a lovely experience.  She holds an ocean of knowledge that she graciously and passionately shares.

I recommend her to those who seek a well experienced Healer."
C. Howard

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Biofield Tuning Session - What to Expect

My clients report that they find the Biofield Tuning sessions deeply relaxing and that they experience greater clarity and growth in the weeks following.  Because of the nature of sound and vibration, this type of work lends itself particularly well to remote sessions over the phone (and through the WhatsApp phone application for my international clients).   

People are often happily surprised at how effective and peaceful this work is without the stress of traffic and travel.   During a Biofield Tuning session, which is usually one hour, you are in your own comfortable, quiet, relaxed place (recliner chair or bed) and we are on the phone together. 

As I work with the tuning forks in your field, you are able to hear the sounds, deeply relax, quiet your mind and simply receive.  Often times, people experience a variety of emotions and are able to get in touch with themselves in a way they have never been able to before.  I answer questions and help you process as you need me to.

I focus on helping my clients connect all the pieces: mental, emotional, energetic and physical to create results that last and move them forward.  

With my extensive background in Sound Healing, Guided Imagery, Shamanism, Plant and Flower Medicine, among other things, I am able to draw on a variety of resources to support you.

If it works logistically, I also do in-person sessions that follow same format.

The physical body is informed by its energy field.  As the tuning forks restore the integrity, adaptability and resilience to your energy field, you feel better and are able to shift patterns, release tension and create meaningful changes in your life.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule a session.
949-525-0243 cell
Karen Awad, Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner